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Exposing Shin Splints

One of the harshest and most painful injuries that people suffer from are shin splints. While a relatively minor injury that does not involve surgery to correct, it does require plenty of rest and careful training to help prevent the injury from becoming worse. Taking a few minutes to acquaint yourself with shin splints and how they are caused can help you to avoid these painful little injuries and ensure that you are not suffering downtime because of them. A shin splint in its simplest form is […]

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Effective Ways to Handle Shin Splints During Soccer Training

There are many different types of injuries and conditions that can result from the strenuous physical activity experienced during soccer training. One of the most common issues is that of shin splints. People who experience shin splints experience pain in the area of the leg that starts at the knee and extends down to the top of the foot area. The pain is often immense and is described as a “burning” pain. The muscles that are in this area of the leg, as well as the tendons, […]

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Understanding the Basics About Shin Splints

Normally, when you hear the term “shin splints” it is in reference to some sort of sporting activity. Athletes often spend long hours training in order to compete at a high level in whatever sport they specialize in. However, shin splints can happen to almost anyone and is not specifically related to, or affected by, athletes. So, what are shin splints? Shin splints are often related to pain one feels in the muscles of the shin. Most often, people who engage in a lot of running, moving […]

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